Varga in the twenty-five-ranked, Brownlee world champion

AUCKLAND – Slovak representative Richard Varga (23) took the 16th place in the final of the world championship series at the triathlon in Auckland, New Zealand.

Once again, he confirmed that the triathlete is the best swimmer. The first part of the race was the fastest in the starting field, with Briton Jonathan Brownlee for two seconds. Both of them then worked together for a long time on their foreheads and during cycling. In the final run of Varga, he fought primarily for the best possible position, Brownlee with Spain, Javier Gomez, first.

from OH 2012 Gómez (30), but Brownlee, who became the world champion, was also delighted.In the final races, only Spaniard could threaten him, but Brit finally kept the lead without any problems and in the final bout he had a 90-point lead over Gómez.

“Two days ago I felt very bad It was cold now and that’s why I did not go out before racing, and twice I got a bicycle slip on the track, so I drove gently, for every turn I had to come in order not to miss a package It was a very difficult biking “ quotes Richard Vargas’s triathlon site

p> The Slovak Triathlon Unit has moved to the 23rd place of the 2012 world championship thanks to 373 points from Auckland.It is the best position of the Slovak in history. Varga scored in the 2012 MS World Championships in Madrid, Hamburg, Stockholm, Jokohame and Auckland. At the same time, he scored points for the 22nd place at the Olympic Games in London. A member of the National Sports Center, thanks to a move to an elite twenty-five world rebate, will save a lot of physical and psychological strength next year and, of course, also financial means. In 2013, he will be directly deployed to world championship races, so he will not have to fly around the world to various continental championships and collect points in the ITU rankings to start the elite event. “Now, this challenging process will fail and in the next year I will be able to focus my efforts on good training.This is going to be extremely important for me, for example, at the end of the season I’m the most tired of traveling, “ Richard Varga recently.

Men-elite: 1. Javier Gomez (Spain) 2:00:29 h 2. Jonathan Brownlee 2:00:31 3. Sven Riederer (Switzerland) 2:01:18 4. Justus Steffen 2:01:40 5. Gregor Buchholz 2:01:46 6. Kyle Jones (Canada) 2:01:48 16. Richard Varga (SR) 2:03:05
Juniors: 1. Macumoto Fumik (Jap.) 1:08:33, 2. Léonie Périaultová (Fr.) 1:08:36, 3. Tamara Gormanová (USA) 1:08:39,…Ivana Kuriackova (SR) did not finish

Final Ranking of the MS Series: 1. Jonathan Brownlee (UK) 4935 2. Javier Gómez 4845 3. Dmitry Polanski (Russian) 3822, 4. Sven Riederer (CH Switzerland) 3773, 5. Richard Murray (JAR) 3575, 6.Steffen Justus (DE) 3564,…23. Richard Varga (SR) 1621