The Problem of the Slovácko Football Players? A defeat in defense

It was a boldly listed course from the bookmakers. At every thousand crowns betting that Slovácko footballers at home from Slavia in Prague get at least one goal, three hundred could be won. And the wicked bettors came out: Slovácko lost 0: 2 and revealed its serious difficulties in the defensive.

“It sounds like a wheelbarrow. Our total mistakes in the defense are constantly recurring, knocking us down and losing the matches, “coach Svatopluk Habanec reminded that his team in the autumn only once kept a net account and won 27 goals in the remaining thirteen games.

In this balance, the Slovácko is almost as bad as the two teams on the descent ramps.And if you get the eleventh position just five points from the penultimate Jihlava, it’s no longer a pleasure.

If improvement is to be achieved, it will be the basis for improved defenses.

“It is now the primary task of managing the last matches in Olomouc and Teplice to finish in the autumn with better points, but with such defensive activity it will not work, “Habanec realizes. “We are slow and inconsistent.”

The clubs, especially the scorers, made great mistakes in the match against Slavia.Vukadinovič i Zmrhal was eliminated in front of the goalkeepers Hečou and Daňkem, who replaced the home team unhappily wounded at the first goal.

“We wanted to take advantage of the fact that the crowd was attacking a lot but the goals finally came from defending their balls, “said Jaromír Zmrhal, a sophisticated midfielder.

The coach of the Slovak team does not believe that he has suffered patience with the current state. “I will analyze everything after the autumn, but it is clear that we will deal with the defensive phase quite vigorously. I have already called a pile of players, but it is still repeated. Our offensive forces are not so strong, “says Habanec.

Even the players themselves are aware of the seriousness of the problem. “We’re making big mistakes all the time, we’re doing our own goals.I’m tired. We can not just throw at the beats, it can be the whole manchaft, “Defensive midfielder Velice Šumulikoski is angry. “If anyone would give us such goals, we would be much better.”

The Slovaks could score in the match – Valentino’s goal was not accepted by a judge, who also refused to judge as a penalty for Civic. Otherwise, he had a lot of chances, mainly the cannon Došek, who even hit the bar.

“He had enough to do. Both before and during the half-time, he was heard in the cabin in the team’s motivational healing. Libor himself knows that he could have scored at least two goals, “coach Habanec said.