Elected with spanking on home ice, Pišťan won the foul of Cuník

CHALLENGE – The home crowd suffered considerably weaker when they were missing up to eight players in the standings. In the 9th minute after Lušňák shot from the left side reached the lead Piestany, the visiting striker was able to shoot goalkeeper Šimka. sports personality betting Two minutes to Zvolen was the opportunity to cope with the game, but the chances of the home team did not change for the goal. At 15 minutes, the hosts had the possibility of a great deal of dominance, but they also failed to push. Two minutes later, the Romane was completely uncovered by Simk’s goal, the attacker of the “ravens” so incomprehensibly dropped a huge opportunity.Hockey was weaker in the first part of the game when the tactical task was over on both sides.

At the beginning of the second third he sent a dangerous shot from the blue Hraško, but Tomek did a good step with the trap. 23 minutes into the game, Chovan was able to score another goal, but he could not push the puck off his back before Tom. In the midfield of the match he did not use the chance to increase the lead on the other side of the hill during the power play. In the 34th minute, the guests finally got to the finish when Nemec brought the puck into an empty goal after Melicharka.Two minutes before the second siren, Šimek was overtaking Bartánus and Piestany led two-thirds under Pustý hrad 0: 3.

a third third of the other power, and after the scrum in front of the goalkeeper Šimk, Lušňák used it. In 52 minutes, Chovan ran through the entire home, and the puck of Baláž was the first to beat Tomek. Then they played the home game, but after the mistake of the puck behind the goal Šimka took hold of Melichárek and from behind it slipped behind the back of goalkeeper Zvolen. The home crowd was given a chance to score something, but the 55-minute mark was out for 5 + DKZ. In spite of the weakness, the Germans still had the chance to win the victory with the sixth goal, but they only scored in the right hand.The guests played the game and scored in Zvolen 5: 1.

Július Šupler (coach Zvolen): “Piešťany were a better team, they were more hockey. We can not win without a game of discipline, enthusiasm, character and heart, and today we are overwhelmed by the fact that we do not have a chance to win this game. eighth of our injured players added two more – Obshut and Balaz, so I’m worried about another match.Without a complete set it will be very difficult. “

Roman Sýkora (coach assistant Piešťan): ” We are glad we did this fight, the home team in the tight set was a balanced opponent. We had a slightly weaker entry into the thirds. In the first third the Zvolenčania had a lot of shooting attempts and were more active, but the pressure was stable and helped us score. Gradually, we straightened up and settled the game. In the second third, the second goal has calmed us. We added to the courage and the game from our side best bet offers looked better. In the third third we wanted to keep our opponent in the distance, which we managed and we scored the result with two more goals. “

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