Blake: We are not normal, we fell from the sky like Mr. Bean

LONDON – Jamaican Sprint Yohan Blake at the 4×100 meter world record said he and his colleagues from the winning relay fell from the sky like Mr. Bean.

“We are not normal, it’s not normal in 36 seconds, we’re flying, people talk about us like robots, and I’m telling them we just came from We fell from the sky like Mr. Bean.Whenever he starts, he falls from the clouds, “ said Blake, what Usain Bolt said: ” I told Yohan to stop with such words because they give him an animal

after earning gold for 100 meters. “They are not here. Leave the next day. Is not it a shame? “ Bolt added. ” I do not know if there will be any celebration but I will definitely go out. “ p> The Bolt for World Record 36.84 seconds in the Sprint Relay is looking for another goal: “I’ve achieved what I wanted.With the coach we need to talk about the future. But now I do not have a goal. “

Jamaican would like to try out other disciplines, but the 400-meter track is not going to be I will try something else, we will take it with the coach. He is inclined to the idea of ​​400 meters, but I do not like it very much. It will be an interesting interview. Have you seen quarterbacks? I would have to give up other things that I do not like. “

On the margo record record at the Bolt relay, he admitted that he had no doubt about the victory before his turn. ” I knew is the end when Blake has overtaken Tyson Gaya. It was clear to me that Ryan Bailey would not be on my way.Without the Americans, however, we would be nothing. Just like the USA without Jamaica. “

and somebody already talked to that master. So I got it back. “

American Justin Gatlin thinks Bolt as a living legend. Bolt is a great athlete. In the athletics he moves the boundaries. “

His colleague from Ryan Bailey, who ran the last section, concluded Bolt with the words: “It’s just a monster.”