Beck overcame Coriu, Slovakia lead 1-0

BRATISLAVA – The start of the semi-final of the Davis Cup World Cup semifinal in Bratislava is the match between Slovakia and Argentina 1-0.

About & yacute; point of the Slovakian and eacute, he was in Sibamac and he was not a native actor of tennis and eacute; the center was taken care of by Karol Beck, who & yacute; the Argentine and Guillermo Coria trotted in three sets for 159 minutes and 7: 5, 6: 4, 6: 4. Dvadsaťtriročn & eacute; Beck was in a balanced meeting; act & iacute; ext & scaron; & iacute; v & yacute; men & aacute; ch and v & aacute; vere already brightly & scaron; & iacute ;. Also star & eacute; it’s Argent & iacute; in the d & ocirc; leigh & yacute; Vz & aacute; Jomna & uacute; Balancing with Roland Garros 2004 finalist Coriom Beck equalized to 1: 1.On kind & uacute; Fridays & uacute; the Slovakian-Argentine & Sacred Republican struggle for the finalization of the Dominican Hrbat & yacute; and David Nalbandian.

sete s men & scaron; & iacute; mi probllaeacute; mothers kept service to 5: 5. Then Coria doubled twice with a bouncy turn, and with the winner and winner he took advantage – 6: 5.Beck then finished off with a clean game for 63 minutes in his favor. Slovakia & eacute; the tennis player has continued to act. And although at least & auml; when the network was running bugs, it also collected and downloaded; & uacute; dery, naj & auml; from forhendu. In the fifth gem by species & yacute; once Argent & iacute, when he did not oppose double-baptism, and he did not know it; brejk confirmed 4: 2. Coria had the opportunity to make a 3: 4 match, but Beck’s playoff was good; He not used.Zvolenska & eacute; rod & aacute; you also have a set of problems without problems; mov has held submission and won the species & eacute; 50 minutes & lt; / RTI & gt; for 6 minutes.

tennis player. 3: 1, where the nervous system seemed to be overwhelmed. Coria began to spoil light and eacute; ball. Beck mohutne povzbudzovan & yacute; scaron, e & scaron, thyristors, and divorce metal in the NTC under the auspices of 5: 4 to the victory. Prehr & aacute; it was already at 15:40, but with a patience in the play of the bekhed, both of them have been defeated. Then he made the mechbal, which was a yahoo; you have been able to turn over and turn over the network and have been specially sculptured; first and yacute; section.